Howie Carr’s Take:

When I was a kid, I used to watch “McHale’s Navy” on TV. Remember Tim Conway — Ensign Parker? He had a saying that I’ve never forgotten.
“Cheaters never prosper.”
Even at the age of 10 or 11, I didn’t buy it. There was altogether too much evidence to the contrary, starting with the presidnet, LBJ. And since then, the evidence that cheaters do prosper has only continued to pile up… and up… and up.
Cheaters never prosper? Tell it to Bill Clinton. And just this year, to the fake Indian, Granny Warren. She never prospered until she started cheating.
But what happened yesterday was so much more than Elizabeth Warren. Barack Obama didn’t deserve to be reelected, and please, don’t tell me to take solace in the fact that he only got 50 percent of the vote, or that 13 million fewer people voted yesterday than in 2008.
All his life, Mitt Romney has tried to do the right thing, he’s given millions to charity, he’s been the bishop of his church, he’s tithed, he worked for nothing as governor of Massachusetts. He’s led an exemplary life, words I don’t use very often.
On the other hand you have the community organizer, who’s always skated along unchallenged, relying on affirmative action to propel him to the next level. John Sununu Sr. is right about him — he is lazy. Not to mention ignorant. Nothing was ever expected of him, and he delivered… nothing.
And now he’s been reelected, along with his senile vice president, Joe Biden, a plagiarist like Granny Warren.
Then there’s Johnny “Pockets” Tierney. I had dinner last week with an old-line Boston pol, a former statewide officeholder, and he told me, “If Tierney can get reelected, it means nothing I know about politics applies anymore.”
Well, guess what?
My congressman in Florida, Allen West, is black, a war hero, a retired colonel, smart as hell. After a single term in the House, he was defeated by a punk who at the age of 19 was arrested by the Miami Beach cops for public drunkenness, and then took a few swings at the police. At the same time this Murphy was legless on North Collins Ave, West was preparing his troops to fight in Afghanistan. But George Soros gave Murphy millions upon millions, just to destroy West, to end his political career just as it was beginning.
Now the MSNBC liberals are going to lecture us that Republicans have to be a kinder, gentler party. More handouts, more illegals, fewer cops…. It’s not going to work. To paraphrase Harry Truman, “If you give people a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, they’ll pick the Democrat every time.”
I fear that what we need to turn this country around is what we’re going to get, probably sooner rather than later — an economic collapse. As Dr. Johnson said, Nothing concentrates one’s mind like being hanged in two weeks, or being in a soup line, with hyperinflation and 50 percent unemployment and God only knows what other disasters await us courtesy of Obama and the Democrats.
I’m glad it’s slate gray outside today. Bring on the nor’easter. It’d be a shame to waste a nice day on the black mood I’m in.

One Response to “Howie Carr’s Take:”

  1. Ed Donegan (@eddonegan) Says:

    A great post my friend. I thought it a great commercial, where Allen West was and where his political opponent was. I’m glad to know kindred spirits watch over this land, and we will see it learn from its lessons, grow, and prosper.

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