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His Friends All Drive Porsche’s…Barney Makes No Amends

January 24, 2009


You have to love Barney, taking care of a poorly run Boston Bank with our money.  Doesn’t your local bank have a loaner Porsche for their Executives to use?  … LINK

2008: The Bailout Year

December 31, 2008

Please help those less fortunate than us. Those who once had and now have not, They once flew on Gulfstream G4’s and now, if they can even scrape some money together have to fly…coach.  Stop the madness, you must help, this must not occur on our watch…

TARP or Big Top Tent?

November 16, 2008
The Greatest Snow On Earth

The Greatest Snow On Earth

Where do I apply for my bailout? Seriously, I am not a bank with “Troubled Assets” but neither is GM.  Let’s not forget we also now have Insurance companies buying at fire sale prices, troubled bank holding companies so they can get a chance to grab the brass ring, or in this case, the golden ring and tap the TARP funds for a few Billion.  You just want to Scream! we have gone from a TARP to a Big Top Tent with all the typical circus sideshow players.  It is more like the Greatest Snow on Earth!