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ALGore – From Nobel to No Press

April 13, 2008

ALGore - No Questions That Will Make Me Look Bad Please

ALGore reportedly receives $100,000 for his speaking fee and other ridiculous perks as outlined in his typical speaking contract. “The Earth Has A Fever”, but apparently it’s ALGore who is hot under the collar when it comes to possibly having to answer questions about his Nobel Award Winning Global Warming Shtick. At his Keynote Speech at this years RSA Computer Security Conference, ALGore had as one of his conditions, that no members of the Press be allowed to hear him deliver the address. Way to Man-Up AL.

It’s plane to see that he is so unsure about the “SCIENCE” behind the “FACTS” he presents about Global warming that he is unwilling to face any potentially critical or embarrassing questions. So the man who wanted to be President won’t take questions from reporters who might be critical of what he says… I wonder if his agent could cut the same deal for President Bush?