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“You Don’t Transfer Loyalty to a Dynasty”

April 13, 2008

Loyaal to Bill not Hill

“I was loyal,” Richardson says. “But I don’t think that loyalty is transferable to his wife…. You don’t transfer loyalty to a dynasty.” (Full Story)

As the mad rush to support BHO continues,(word is that Gore & Carter will soon join the BHO-Express) Gov. Richardson gave us an insight this past Tuesday into his reason for NOT backing Hillary. It’s simple, she’s no Bill Clinton. While conservatives have many reasons to fault the Clinton Presidency, as a man, I’m told, Bill Clinton is an engaging and rather personable fellow. Certainly in the area of morality, he is no poster child, but as a “regular guy” people like him. That is not the case with Hillary. They say opposites attract, and Bill & Hillary are a living example of that Old Wives Tail. (Pun Intended)