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Jimmy Carter: Still a Tool

January 8, 2009


Well, it was an historic day yesterday. The very gracious President George W. Bush, hosted all the living Presidents to a luncheon at the White House yesterday.  The official photo released is worth a thousand words…

A Holiday Song…

December 15, 2008


The Little Drummer Barack


He was an ACORN thug, Barack Obama

He then lied like a rug, Barack Obama

In college he took drugs, Barack Obama,
Bill Ayres often hugged, Barack Obama,

Barack Obama, Barack Obama

Yet we elected him, Barack Obama


So we’re stuck with him, Barack Obama

What’s to come?


Hillary made his list, Barack Obama

Though once they used their fists, Barack Obama

Newsmen will never diss, Barack Obama

Though he’s a Socialist, Barack Obama,
Barack Obama, Barack Obama


They tried to sell his seat, Barack Obama
In Chicago that’s how it’s done.


Show his friendly face he will, Barack Obama

And save the human race, Barack Obama

Warm chats will soon be had, Barack Obama

With Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama,
Barack Obama, Barack Obama


When the oath he takes, Barack Obama
We’re all done.

Wealth Redistribution 101…Pay $10.00 for $1.00

November 21, 2008

Not even in office yet, PE-BHO (President Elect – Barack H. Obama) has already begun his ecconomic revival. (Please disredard the fact that the Dow was at 9,625 on election day and has dropped to 7,997) that’s 1,628 points or almost 17% in the days since his victory.

But you can celebrate anyway by paying almost $10 for a $1 coin…

What a Bargain!

What a Bargain!