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A Fist Rather Than a Foot…That’s a Change

April 27, 2009


 With all this Swine Flu Talk, we have to consider the bright side.
She has yet to blame “Radical Right-Wing Extremists”
2. Her advise to “Stay Home if you are sick” and not go to the Hospital where you would get the Doctors and other Health-care professionals sick, sounds like great medical advise from “Dr. Napolitano”.
3. She did such a great job as Governor of Arizona securing the Mexican Boarder her state shares with them.
4. She looks smarter than “The Family Guy” Press Secretary standing next to her.
5. And, we are supose to believe the reports that after President Obama’s recent trip to Mexico he is feeling fine and has not been tested for Swine Flu…Yeah Right, if that is the case then his Dr. should be FIRED.

Go Sell Crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here Janet, this is NOT as good as it gets!