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ScottOnCapeCod – Poll Question

October 18, 2008

John The Stand-Up

October 18, 2008

Incase you missed the Al Smith Dinner, McCain was On Fire…

It’s For The Children…

October 18, 2008
Who does not know that the first law of historical writing is the truth. Cicero

Who does not know that the first law of historical writing is the truth. Cicero

I’ve heard of re-writing history. Revisionists have been using textbooks to shape the minds of the little darlings and make “history” more convenient for the authors’ current world view. Example:

The tour guide said that the Enlightenment and Humanism were instrumental in the formation of our government, but he made no mention of God or His providential role in the affairs of the times. Yet, according to Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration, it was the law of God which gave us a right to exist as a nation and the purpose of government was to secure those rights which God gave us. Twelve years later, James Madison, the recognized “Father of the Constitution,” stated that it was impossible for men not to see “a finger of that Almighty hand” in the drafting of our Constitution. (WorldNetDaily)

So looking back, some facts are omitted if they don’t support the current narrative.  We see it also in the Main Stream Media (CNN, ABC, MSMBC…The usual suspects) they exhibit such bias that it’s laughable to even call them “Journalists”.  But now, we see something even more ridiculous: Revisionist Present Day “History”.

Case in point: Racine Wisconsin
The Racine school district’s use of an eighth grade textbook that includes a chapter on Democrat Barack Obama but nothing on his opponent John McCain is unfair and troubling, the Wisconsin Republican Party argued Thursday.

A parent complained on an Internet blog about the textbook that includes a chapter on Obama called ‘‘Dreams from My Father.’’

The school district said in a statement that it has received no complaints about the book, which it first used last school year. Even so, the 21,000-student district said it was reviewing its policies regarding the book’s use in a literature class. (Chicago SunTimes)

Maybe they can use the space they saved on omitting McCain to cover the evils of Socialism or Communism? On second thought, that might hit too close to home.

Watch This Video… Financial Crisis lies at BHO’s feet

September 28, 2008

WOW, I wish I had put this together, it’s awesome!

No Prompting Necessary to Support McCain/Palin

September 16, 2008
Did you here the one about the guy who brought a Teleprompter to the Rodeo?

Did you here the one about the guy who brought a Teleprompter to the Rodeo?

For the record, when you deliver a major speech such as the “State of the Union”, or a nationally televised acceptance speech from a Greek Temple, people use a teleprompter. But when you speak from the heart, often you don’t need a written speech. When you know the subject matter and believe what you are saying because it is from your core, you may occasionally, rely on some notes. But when you simply read words, you need to be reminded what is is you are actually reading. You have to stick to the script, you use a teleprompter.

Last time I was at a rodeo, I didn’t see anyone using a teleprompter. But BHO relied on his best friend at his speech reading at the Colorado Stat Fair yesterday. The irony of BHO at a rodeo vs. Rodeo Drive is stunning. Of course, there are a lot clowns & a lot of Bull$#!+ at a rodeo so it may be appropriate after all. But here’s the point. The “Fluff” V. P. Republician Candidate, according a supporter at a Joe Biden Rally in Michigan (I believe they were meeting in a phone booth), did not need to rely on a teleprompter when she made her acceptance speech at the RNC:

Sarah Palin electrified the Republican convention Wednesday, all the while reading off a faulty teleprompter and an outdated draft, John McCain officials told FOX News on Thursday. The Alaska governor overcame several glitches and technical problems to deliver her speech without getting flustered, impressing McCain and his staff and allowing them to breathe a sigh of relief. (FoxNews)

She spoke from her heart, they were her words (Yes, she had a speech writer, all of them do) but she delivered. I don’t know who is advising BHO & Joe, (I guess I would need to see the credit roll on his teleprompter screen) but they are B league at best. You don’t ask paralyzed State Senators to “Stand-up”, you don’t run ads about McCain mocking his inability to “send emails” (5-1/2 years of torture while a POW serving His country resulted in damage to his extremities), you don’t take a teleprompter to a rodeo. And you sure don’t wear a Cowboy Hat when your from Chicago…

Welcome our new...

Welcome our new...Sheriff?

A Shot From The Left Side…

September 15, 2008

Jill Greenberg shot this cover photo of Sen. McCain for the magazine. It’s not he soft focus happy, smiley way that they photograph BHO. And this is the best one for McCain. She posted on her personal website some “Photoshopped” images that honestly, I won’t even put here on my blog.

Shame on Atlantic Monthly for not vetting this photo assassin. Don’t they have Google at their office? This woman is best known for her series on Crying Children, not children that are crying on their own, she made them cry and then used the images to make her statement against “4 more years” of George Bush for her photo “project”.

And why is the Atlantic Monthly using a Beverly Hills CA, photographic “artist” maybe they should change their name to align more with the left coast… just a thought.

Positive Change – In My Mind

September 4, 2008

I must admit, I was not a John McCain supporter in the beginning of this election season.  I was hoping I would see the fire in the belly that Fred Thompson had on Tuesday night once he finally entered the race, I wanted the business acumen that Mitt Romney possessed, I wanted the strong Christian values that Mike Huckabee brought to the mix, heck, I wanted the tough on crime attitude of Rudy Giuliani.  I wasn’t paying attention to that “white-haired dude” John McCain.  While I can’t say that don’t have a few disagreements with some of the positions that he as supported, I am humbled when I hear his story and realize the enormous price he has paid personally in the service of our country.

I have never had to do anything in my life that has required the level of sacrifice that John McCain has endured in the service of our country, and neither has the other party’s candidate.  John McCain should not be our President simply because he is a war hero.  And because BHO is not a hero, that should not disqualify him for the office.  But John McCain has a life time of service tempered by a life changing experience that has uniquely prepared him for leadership in this hour.

McCain – Palin ’08  Change is Coming!

Barack O-Nada

September 3, 2008

Well, leave it to an in your face New Yorker like Rudy Giuliani to call it like it really is… BHO has never been a leader, never run anything he seldom even voted.  While a state legislator in Illinois voted “Present” more times than anything else.  “Present” is not Presidential. You don’t get to simply show up in the Oval Office and just let people know you are there through photo opps and prepared speeches.  You have to make decisions and do more than just show up.

John McCain has been tested through tough times, he is ready to make the tough decisions on day one.  And how dare the dems say that Sarah Palin has no experience! She did more than organize her community, she ran it!  So BHO & Joe better buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

When you have a presidential candidate that is mostly known for being simply “Present” & a V.P. candidate that seems to have a problem with acknowledging the words of others, it’s easy to see why they fear two strong, individuals like John McCain & Sarah Palin.  Barack O-Nada, I can’t thing of a better name for him.

And in Case you Missed it, Here is Newt B-Slapping MSNBC’s Ron Allen … It’s worth it!

The H-Bomb (New footage from that fateful day)

March 27, 2008

Classic Response to Hillary The Hero of Bosnia…

Note: One little CGA bloody part so be careful of the kiddies!

McCain Gallups to Victory?

March 26, 2008

If McCain vs. Obama, 28% of Clinton Backers Go for McCain
If McCain vs. Clinton, 19% of Obama backers go for McCain


PRINCETON, NJ — A sizable proportion of Democrats would vote for John McCain next November if he is matched against the candidate they do not support for the Democratic nomination. This is particularly true for Hillary Clinton supporters, more than a quarter of whom currently say they would vote for McCain if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee.

While I was not exactly thrilled with some of what I heard at John McCain’s press conference today in California, it seems my disappointment is him is not as as great as the Dems disappointment in their own party’s opposing candidate. While this is encouraging, we still need to keep Sen. McCain true to his word and not let him view Democrat support as license to abandon conservative principals.