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I Must Have Missed The Bad News…

June 22, 2009

Remember the “Good Old Days”, the daily reports of just how much the American people “Disapproved of President Bush”, his “Cowboy” diplomacy, and don’t forget their unabashed, vitriolic hatred of V.P. Cheney. Well, it must be that the MSM aka “Lame Stream Media” got religion and are now kinder and gentler as a result of their worship at the feet of the Great and Powerful OzBama…
Otherwise, how would we explain their lack of reporting on BHO loosing his appeal to Americans, (word is still out from the “Citizens of the World”) and the increase in America’s Disapproval of him.

The brave folks at Gallup offer the following graph of this apparently unimportant “News”.

Obama Job Approval


(Link to Gallup Story)