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Great Start Rahm…

January 20, 2009


LINK so you don’t think I make this stuff up

Well This I Did make uprahm-chief-of-staff-page-picture (Below) Chief of Staff page on Click to see larger Size

A New Age…The Ice age

January 17, 2009
Mr. Cold Mister or Mr. Heat Miser?

NewsBusters is talking about the Gore Effect and will it be mentioned in BHO’s address on 01-20-09.  The whole Global Warming thing will fall on deaf ears (Mainly because those ears will be under ear-muffs, a hat and a hood to keep out the cold weather expected to be around 20 Degrees on Tuesday.)

When I awoke this morning on Cape Cod, it was a brisk 3 Degrees outside. I explained that whole Global Warming thing to my Yellow Lab, Bailey, as we went outside for him to do his thing… His response after hearing Al Gore’s “The Earth Has a Fever” drivel was more visual than verbal, if you know what I mean… Oddly enough I think it contributed to Global Warming though…