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My Cat Tom- WikiLeaks & Hillary

November 30, 2010

Hill-Bots on Parade

April 3, 2009


TOKYO (AP) – Japan hoped to have a two-legged robot walk on the moon by around 2020, with a joint mission involving astronauts and robots to follow, according to a plan laid out Friday by a government group.

In a surprising turn of events, when the Robots were displayed for members of the G20 heads of State, it was learned that Secretary of State, and former Assumptive 44th President of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton has created an army of Hill-Bots to take over Space prior to the 2020 joint mission.

With monies earned from her cattle Investments and the speaking and advisory fees earned by her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, from foreign countries, she secretly developed this army of Hill-Bots after she learned that President Obama chose Joe Biden over her for the V.P. while listening to the Oprah show.

Remember, in Space no one hears you scream!!!!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton…

January 14, 2009


WASHINGTON (AP) – Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday that she intends to revitalize the mission of diplomacy in American foreign policy, calling for a “smart power” strategy in the Middle East and implicitly criticizing the Bush administration for having downgraded the role of arms control. LINK

Et Tu Chrissy?

November 18, 2008
Tastes Like Foot!

Tastes Like Foot!

Wake Up Chris…It was not a dream. I Guess Hillary or Bill for that matter, doesent give him a thrill up his leg.  If it did, he might feel it also in the foot that is in his mouth… Read on:


New York Post– November 18, 2008 —
“HARDBALL” host Chris Matthews and the other “castratos” at MSNBC shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for a Hillary Clinton interview.

Matthews, who once opined that men who supported Clinton were “castratos in the eunuch chorus,” forgot the cardinal rule for those who are often mentioned on Page Six – he didn’t take a good look around on the Acela train from Philadelphia to Washington Saturday before he started bad-mouthing the New York senator.

An avowed Clinton lover who was sitting next to Matthews reports: “He was in business class wearing a red baseball hat that said Penn on the back, and the fat [bleep] fell asleep on the train and snored with his mouth open.”

During the ride to DC, Matthews awoke from his nap. A fellow passenger asked him, “What’s the news tomorrow?” – to which Matthews loudly started talking about President-elect Barack Obama possibly picking Hillary as his secretary of state.

“I don’t understand it,” Matthews bellowed. “Why would he pick her? I thought we were done with the Clintons. She’ll just use it to build her power base. It’s Machiavellian. And then we’ll have Bill Clinton, too. I thought Obama didn’t want drama. He’s already got [chief of staff Rahm] Emanuel and [transition team leader John] Podesta. He’ll have even more drama with her.

“She’s just a soap opera. If he doesn’t pick her, everyone will say she’s been dissed again, we’ll have to live through that again.”

Matthews seems to be playing both sides of the fence. The host, who apologized to Clinton last year for claiming she got where she was because “her husband messed around,” said on-air last Friday: “Look, I think that since she lost the fight for the nomination, [Clinton] has been not just a good soldier, she has sang the tune of [Obama]. She’s been illustrious, she’s been admirable . . . her spirit seems to be with him.”

A rep for Clinton declined to comment while a rep for Matthews didn’t return e-mails.

63 Questions, 7 Pages

November 14, 2008
Want to go and make some CHANGE with the Obama Administration… First answer a few questions…63 of them please. How do you think Hillary & Bill will handle these 63 questions? Try to fill it out from their perspective…
Click on Here for PDF of Questions

Click on Here for PDF of Questions











or here 13apply_questionnaire

Clinton Redux – Carl Bernstein’s View

April 13, 2008

1992 Clintons to 2008 Clintons - More of the same

Carl Bernstein asks- What will a Hillary Clinton presidency look like?

The answer by now seems obvious: It will look like her presidential campaign, which in turn looks increasingly like the first Clinton presidency.

Which is to say, high-minded ideals, lowered execution, half truths, outright lies (and imaginary flights), take-no prisoners politics, some very good policy ideas, a presidential spouse given to wallowing in anger and self-pity, and a succession of aides and surrogates pushed under the bus when things don’t go right. Which is to say, often…

In A Woman in Charge, I wrote about her ability to evolve, observable especially in the years before she met Bill Clinton and in the Senate: to learn from her mistakes. Events have proven me wrong on that count. (Full Story)

Well Sign Me UP! And this is from the guy who for the most part is sympathetic towards Hillary. I know it seems like a broken record or a repeating theme on this blog, but people really do not like Hillary. She is the type of person that throws someone under the bus, then stops the bus, backs it up to run them over again. America survived 8 years of Bill, we certainly do not need to tempt fate and go for another 4 more years of a nastier, $109,000,000 richer President Hillary Clinton. Besides, sequels tend to be very, very disappointing especially when the story line doesn’t change and the understudy is cast as the “Starr”. (That’s not a typo.)

“You Don’t Transfer Loyalty to a Dynasty”

April 13, 2008

Loyaal to Bill not Hill

“I was loyal,” Richardson says. “But I don’t think that loyalty is transferable to his wife…. You don’t transfer loyalty to a dynasty.” (Full Story)

As the mad rush to support BHO continues,(word is that Gore & Carter will soon join the BHO-Express) Gov. Richardson gave us an insight this past Tuesday into his reason for NOT backing Hillary. It’s simple, she’s no Bill Clinton. While conservatives have many reasons to fault the Clinton Presidency, as a man, I’m told, Bill Clinton is an engaging and rather personable fellow. Certainly in the area of morality, he is no poster child, but as a “regular guy” people like him. That is not the case with Hillary. They say opposites attract, and Bill & Hillary are a living example of that Old Wives Tail. (Pun Intended)

Hillary’s New China Pattern

April 7, 2008

No China Problem Then

  • It’s OK for President Bill Clinton to approve the export of radiation hardened computer chips to China in 1996.
  • According to the New York Times, Bill Clinton removed $2 billion in trade with China from national security scrutiny. Among the results: 77 supercomputers – capable of 13 billion calculations per second – that could scramble and unscramble secret data and design nuclear weapons. These were purchased by the Chinese without a peep stateside. At least some of them would be used by the Chinese military. (Full Story)
  • Feb. 12, 1998: As Bill Clinton ponders whether to sign another waiver allowing launch of a Loral satellite aboard a Chinese missile, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger sends him a memo saying the Justice Department `has cautioned that a national interest waiver in this case could have a significant adverse impact on any prosecution [of Loral] that might take place based on a pending investigation of export violation.’ (Congressional Record)
  • Hillary Accepts Chinese Immigrants Money- Dishwashers, waiters and others whose jobs and dilapidated home addresses seem to make them unpromising targets for political fundraisers are pouring $1,000 and $2,000 contributions into Clinton’s campaign treasury. In April, a single fundraiser in an area long known for its gritty urban poverty yielded a whopping $380,000. (Full Story)

But Today, Hillary wants President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in China this summer. She said in her press release:

The violent clashes in Tibet and the failure of the Chinese government to use its full leverage with Sudan to stop the genocide in Darfur are opportunities for Presidential leadership. These events underscore why I believe the Bush administration has been wrong to downplay human rights in its policy towards China. At this time, and in light of recent events, I believe President Bush should not plan on attending the opening ceremonies in Beijing, absent major changes by the Chinese government.

Why the change? Did China change markedly from 1996 when Bill had no problem giving them hi-tech chipsets? I don’t think so. Did the Satellites launched by China show something? Did the checks from the dishwashers bounce? Maybe Hillary just needed to pen something to distract the media from her campaign’s apPENNdectomy namely Mark Penn.

A Posion Penn Letter…

April 6, 2008

 The man Behind the Candidate who is behind

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – Mark Penn, the pollster and senior strategist for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid, left the campaign Sunday after it was disclosed he met with representatives of the Colombian government to help promote a free trade agreement Clinton opposes.

“After the events of the last few days, Mark Penn has asked to give up his role as chief strategist of the Clinton Campaign,” campaign manager Maggie Williams said in a statement released Sunday. “Mark, and Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates, Inc. will continue to provide polling and advice to the campaign.”…  It was the second major departure of a Clinton campaign official this year. In February, Patti Solis Doyle stepped down as campaign manager and was replaced by Williams.

The role of a senior strategist is to find ways to help their candidate improve their position with voters not make the news be about themselves.  Mark Penn has had a habit of letting the media spotlight shine on him sometimes more than HRC, and this time, it resulted in a demotion.  Keep in mind, HRC has already paid Penn over $12,000,000 for his services, I’m sure his new position will cut his billing rate, I know we all hope he can survive on that new lower rate.

Remember, Mark Penn is the man behind the women who is behind Barack H. Obama and now he has taken a step back himself.  For the Clinton Campaign, I guess this is considered progress.


April 5, 2008

Dick Morris asks a very simple question: Is it appropriate for the spouse of a US senator and a presidential candidate to be in business with the leader of a foreign country?
A foreign country that has lots of matters before the US government?

His Answer: No.

The former, and Lord willing, only President Clinton, has a substantial portion of his post Presidential cash-flow from just those type of sources. Keep in mind, this is the guy who previously took a tax deduction for used underwear.

Now he is being paid by folks who are being investigated for assisting telemarketers fleece vulnerable elderly US citizens and foreign leaders who have been cited for human rights violations by the State Department. And by making him the First Laddy, should HRC manage to steal the DNC nomination from BHO and then by some weird alignment of all that is unholy defeat John McCain, there will be no end to his potential earning fleecing power.

The Clintons’ returns can be viewed at this link.