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January 29, 2009


FOXNEWS     13,685,000
MESSNBC       2,979,000

“The Worst Channel of The Day”… Keith & Maddow’s

Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs: “Hannity is Anti Semitic”

October 8, 2008

We now have a new Medical Condition: HDS (Hannity Derangement Syndrome). It manifests itself by having the “Spokesman” Attack the messenger who asks the questions that cause people to ponder Just Who is BHO?  In this example, Mr. Gibbs accuses Sean Hannity of FoxNEWS of being an anti-Semite because he had spoken with an individual on Hannity’s America, who, in the past, made a comment that was in fact Anti-Semitic.   Post hoc ergo propter hoc (a latin phrase meaning “Since that event followed this one, that event must have been caused by this one.”) i.e. Because this guy is this way, you Sean are this way, and you have seen a typical case of HDS.

Kudos to Alan Colmes for speaking the truth to Mr. Gibbs and setting the record straight about Sean. I wonder, is HDS covered under BHO’s National Health Care Plan?