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2008: The Bailout Year

December 31, 2008

Please help those less fortunate than us. Those who once had and now have not, They once flew on Gulfstream G4’s and now, if they can even scrape some money together have to fly…coach.¬† Stop the madness, you must help, this must not occur on our watch…

GM G4 UPDATE-N5116 Pulled from FlightAware

November 25, 2008

Apparently the good folks at GM did not like the fact that so many of you were tracking their flights of fancy…they pulled the tracking off the net. N5116 can no longer be tracked by ¬†Today, on their last flight they went this morning from Detroit to Washington DC, to Texas and this afternoon Naples Florida… Poor GM

Apparently they want to fly below the radar...
Apparently they want to fly below the radar…Click to see full size image

Flight History Captured Before they removed it: