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1-11-09 (Jack is Back)

January 10, 2009
Why Didn't We make 1-11-09 Bumper Stickers to put on our cars?

Why Didn't We make 1-11-09 Bumper Stickers to put on our cars? Wait, I just did!

Been a long time, been a long time, Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time.  Sunday at 8:00 PM Jack is Back…


Perfect Together

September 30, 2008

The campaign goes on… Each day we wait to hear the Uber Intellectual Joe Biden share with us from his vast storehouse of little know facts. In fact, they seem only to be know to Joe. For example:

  • FDR’s TV Talks when the Stock Market crash in 1929 (Problems: FDR wasn’t President, TV did not exist)
  • His Helicopter was “Forced Down” over Afghanistan (Problem: It was not due to Hostal Fire, it was due to snow)
  • Paying more taxes is Patriotic (Problem: Charles Rangel as spokesman for the Un-Patriotic American)
  • Today, he said he was “Under Fire” while in Iraq (Problem: he later amended his comment to “I was near where a shot landed.” 

And that doesn’t even touch the 57 States that Obama visited (with 2 more to go), the need for more Arabic speakers in Afghanistan. (Afghans don’t speak Arabic, they speak Dari and Pashto.) And don’t forget, He has a bracelet too.

They are perfect for each other.

Barack O-Nada

September 3, 2008

Well, leave it to an in your face New Yorker like Rudy Giuliani to call it like it really is… BHO has never been a leader, never run anything he seldom even voted.  While a state legislator in Illinois voted “Present” more times than anything else.  “Present” is not Presidential. You don’t get to simply show up in the Oval Office and just let people know you are there through photo opps and prepared speeches.  You have to make decisions and do more than just show up.

John McCain has been tested through tough times, he is ready to make the tough decisions on day one.  And how dare the dems say that Sarah Palin has no experience! She did more than organize her community, she ran it!  So BHO & Joe better buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

When you have a presidential candidate that is mostly known for being simply “Present” & a V.P. candidate that seems to have a problem with acknowledging the words of others, it’s easy to see why they fear two strong, individuals like John McCain & Sarah Palin.  Barack O-Nada, I can’t thing of a better name for him.

And in Case you Missed it, Here is Newt B-Slapping MSNBC’s Ron Allen … It’s worth it!