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April 5, 2008

Dick Morris asks a very simple question: Is it appropriate for the spouse of a US senator and a presidential candidate to be in business with the leader of a foreign country?
A foreign country that has lots of matters before the US government?

His Answer: No.

The former, and Lord willing, only President Clinton, has a substantial portion of his post Presidential cash-flow from just those type of sources. Keep in mind, this is the guy who previously took a tax deduction for used underwear.

Now he is being paid by folks who are being investigated for assisting telemarketers fleece vulnerable elderly US citizens and foreign leaders who have been cited for human rights violations by the State Department. And by making him the First Laddy, should HRC manage to steal the DNC nomination from BHO and then by some weird alignment of all that is unholy defeat John McCain, there will be no end to his potential earning fleecing power.

The Clintons’ returns can be viewed at this link.