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She’s Sorry… I Agree 100%

September 9, 2015

Im SorryThat will bring comfort to the families who lost sons in Benghazi Libya because her careless securing of classified information that compromised their position in the annex, which aided the “angry mob” (because I guess Hillary’s review of the anti Muslim YouTube video was probably also on the hacked Bathroom server), which then resulted in the proof of her inability to lead by allowing those whom she was responsible for to die, even though men far braver and with a true sense of duty and loyalty fought to try and rescue them (saving many) in spite of the ineptitude displayed by the CIC and Sec State, who now is “Sorry”. Well I agree, she certainly is a Sorry excuse for a leader. (Even by Democrat party standards)

Vote Tuesday

November 4, 2012


Best Interview Yet Re: Benghazi

October 30, 2012

Worse Than Any Hurricane…

October 28, 2012


I did not create the image only the memento. John W. Wilson sent it via Twitter. Had to pass it along.

Yes, Mr. President It Is…

October 27, 2012


Cut Her

October 12, 2012

She Really Needs to Resign… But The more rope they give her… Well, You Know.

The White House Disinformation Campaign on Libya

October 11, 2012

The Heritage Foundation