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What you can expect tomorrow…

November 4, 2008
The Enemy Within...

Updated Version with Gore & Kerry Secrets...

The item listed below is typical of the attitude that the Obamaites have fomented and the predisposition to people who, based on all the crap that ACORN et al have pulled, think some people are out to commit voter fraud:

If you live in a district that leans Democratic, then the GOP will have people at your polling place trying to challenge your voting status.

You defeat this by not leaving the sign-in table without voting a regular ballot. PERIOD. And you TELL EVERY VOTER around you on election day at the polling place to do the same.

I’d suggest you take this a step it a step further. Put these numbers on your cell phone and don’t hesitate to call them if you get challenged at the polls. And be sure to email us ( too so we can post your story. (link)

The site then list the contact info for the local TV news stations and other the Usual Suspects….WAKE UP PEOPLE!

OHIO… Something does not compute!

October 25, 2008
State Computers

State Computers

It’s nice to know that the good folks in the State of Ohio have access to serious computer power. They have the ability to look up detailed information on individuals in the state and get to the bottom of any questions that may impact the election of 2008.  So using those computers to cross check information on the voters registered by those “independent, civic-minded and non-partisan groups” like ACORN would be a appropriate.  BUT that’s not what was done.  Instead of worrying about important issues like voter fraud, apparently the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED offices of Ohio Attorney General Nancy H. Rogers,

Nancy Hardin Rogers Justice is Blind

Nancy Hardin Rogers Justice is Blind

the Cuyahoga County Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Toledo Police Department used there computers to access information on a guy named Sam Wurzelbacher.  Oh, you may know him by another name, “Joe the Plumber.” (Columbus Dispatch)

Nice job Ohio, you have a “211” in progress by a bunch on “Community Organizers” and you can’t be bothered to deal with that, but a guy who dares to ask a question that BHO answers shockingly honest and reveals his Share the Wealth Socialist agenda, MUST BE STOPPED.  So the State’s computers were used to look up info on Joe, and the real crime occurring continues to drip, drip, drip right in front of you… I bet you were just trying to find a good plumber, that must be it.