A little bit about about Me


I live on Cape Cod and every Election day it is MY VOTE that cancels out Ted Kennedy’s so I feel I am doing my part.  Now, what are the rest of your doing?

This is a place where I can fire off some thoughts and comments on the news of the day and those of you who wish, can provide a little feedback (both encouragement & criticism, I’m a big guy, I can take it).

There will be a definite tilt, no, make that a strong leaning to the Right. (Consider this Fair Warning for any S.P’s who may have stumbled here by mistake.) I hope to make you laugh, maybe cause you to think about an issue, but hey, let’s not take this too seriously, it’s not like we are drafting a new constitution.  But I am thankful that the one we have allows us to have a voice to express our opinions freely.

Let’s have a little fun this Election season… and beyond

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