Cape Cod’s Newest Summer Camp…

mASSachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and his BFF Barry are sponsoring a wonderful Cape Cod Summer for many of the Illegal Aliens who have crossed our “Secure Border” (just ask Sen. Harry Reid). Apparently they believe (unlike Sec. of State John Kerry) that America is exceptional and want to colonize here.

I’m sure our great economy in this state can support another 1,000 Guests. Here on Cape Cod we have plenty of Money, our existing American Citizen school children are not facing any financial pressures like having to pay for school sports and activities, parents don’t pay for bus service to transport kids to school, they don’t have to bring classroom supplies to stock the PUBLIC SCHOOL CLASSROOMS… Oh, Wait, we have to do all that. Not to mention our health insurance (if we still have it, costs more than ever), food, gas, housing, local property taxes, excise taxes, fees, permits and we have to pay to throw away our trash all cost the Commonwealth’s citizens money.  So by all means, lets put more in the cart, those of us pulling aren’t going to notice…

I hope this will wake some people up.

Summer Camp Edwards

Summer Camp Edwards

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