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Best Interview Yet Re: Benghazi

October 30, 2012

Worse Than Any Hurricane…

October 28, 2012


I did not create the image only the memento. John W. Wilson sent it via Twitter. Had to pass it along.

Yes, Mr. President It Is…

October 27, 2012


POTUS Potty mouth…

October 25, 2012


In the upcoming Rolling Stone Article, President Obama has some not-so-kind words to describe Gov. Romney.

Earn your Trident every day…

October 25, 2012

About the two Navy SEAL’s killed in Libya:

Quite an astounding tribute to the courage and bravery of the two former Navy SEAL’s that went to the aid of Ambassador Stevens and Embassy staff. Courageous!

Recently I was teaching a class in my church on the biblical character, Joshua. You remember him – he’s the one who took over for Moses to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. God made several promises to Joshua in the opening verses of this book of the Bible named after him. Three times God instructs Joshua to “be strong and courageous.” In fact, one of those times God instructed him to be “very courageous.” The road ahead was a tough one and Joshua would need to be up to the task.


Prescription For America’s Obamalaise

October 24, 2012

Get Out the Vote November 6th


Big Bird, Binders & Bayonets

October 24, 2012

President Obama is doing exactly what he decried in 2008: making a big election about small things, talking about Big Bird, binders, and bayonets. It’s clear President Obama can’t defend his record and he’s flat out of ideas to get our economy going

You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question…

October 24, 2012

Clint Eastwood: “In the last few years, America has been knocked down… We need someone who can turn it around fast, and that man is Mitt Romney. There’s not much time left, and the future of our country is at stake.”

The Best Endorsement Yet…

October 24, 2012

This is for all you “undecided” out there… But who am I kidding, you’re not reading this blog, I don’t think your ObamPhone has this app (I hope it doesn’t)


No Apology Tours Here…

October 24, 2012

These are the type men who Got Bin Laden, a “Gutsy Call” Please, The Guts were going In Harms Way to carry out the mission handed them.  Oh, for the record, they didn’t bow once.