Rino’s In The “Kill Zone”

First, “Kill Zone” is a metaphor, I am not advocating violence against Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s). But Politically I am suggesting that we “Cull the Herd” and show the difference between a Republican and a Conservative.  Liberal/Progressives believe that “Bi-Partisan” is defined as Conservatives changing their beliefs and adopting the Progressives agenda.  Enough is Enough!

We must stand strong in our convictions that Spending is out of control, The Mortgaged Future of our Children and Grandchildren is unacceptable, National Security is critical and JOBS is a Four Letter Word Vice President Biden and it’s a good one.

Vote this November and reclaim the values that this country was founded upon. Remember that those Rights were endowed BY OUR CREATOR and when we edit out GOD from our Founder’s words, It says volumes about the speaker no mater if he went to a church that week.

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