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Republican Leaders Wanted… Rino’s Need Not Apply

March 15, 2010

You Were Elected To Lead, Not Follow.  Just Do it!

Civics 101 – (Pres. OBAMA & NANCY PELOSI, this is for YOU!)

March 15, 2010

Listen carefully, you will not hear the word “Reconciliation” in the entire video. I watched this as a kid and believed I understood that this is how our country makes laws and and responds to the needs of the people.  This is a Top Down vs. Bottom Up piece of legislation. It is not how it’s suppose to go.

Maybe they didn’t have “Schoolhouse Rock” in Kenya?

Obama One Cool Cat… as in Room Temperature

March 1, 2010

BHO campaigning for you is like that Cat in the Nursing home that curls up on the patients bed just before they die…

If you Doubt it, let’s review: New Jersey Governors Race, Virginia’s Governors Race, Chicago Summer Olympics, Scott Brown winning “Sen. Kennedy’s Senate Seat”, and hopefully Dingy Harry…