Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader?

It’s True… On a recent visit to a 6th Grade class POTUS via TOTUS made an appearance… Full Story LINK

It Could have Been Worse, at least this time it did not Crash! (LINK)

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One Response to “Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    The Irony is the pundits were wrong … but then again, what else is new? According to the Oxford dictionary, both potato and potatoe were used interchangeably into the 80’s and possibly the early 90’s. It appears that even major papers used both spellings. until then. No one seems quite sure what happened to potatoe, but then again I don’t think they know what happened to the other 64 variant spellings either. By the way, the plural is still potatoes and is often misspelled by the very same writers and editors so quick to jump on Dan Quayle back then.

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