“Senator Coakley”…

I called Martha Coakley’s office at 9am asked “Is Senator Coakley was available?”
The woman said “she is not a Senator”. I thanked her and hung up the phone.

I called back again at 10, 11 and at 1PM and each time I said the same thing and each time, the women gave me the same reply.

Finally at 3PM when I called and asked of Sen. Coakley was available, the women said “Sir, you have called 4 times already and each time you call I tell you that Martha Coakley is not a Senator, why do you keep calling?

I told her “I just love hearing you say it”

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2 Responses to ““Senator Coakley”…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Love the posters! Love the calls to “Senator” Coakley’s office. We don’t visit our place in Eastham often because we’re too conservative for family nearby. Good to know somebody’s out there!

  2. Katy B Says:

    Awesome posters. You have quite the talent. Found you b/c of Follow friday and am now following you on Twitter. I’m @katys Bless you to be stuck in Mass. You do deserve extra prayers. I had to drop out of journalism school at UNC b/c it was so liberal. I was going for an online certificate in Online Media and when the other students in my class found out I was a conservative, they wouldn’t communicate with me.

    Since it was an online certificate and all classes were online, w/o class participation, I was dead in the water. Now trying to sign up for same thing at University of Tennessee, a much more conservative place.

    UNC should be in Mass.

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