American Hero Mike Monsoor – U.S.N. SEAL

Please Spend the 9 Minute & 33 Seconds to watch this moving tribute to an American Hero.  His story is below, the Video should be played to All School Children… if you understand what I mean.

Oh, and here is the Link to the White House Ceremony and President Bush’s Comments… LINK

Mike Monsoor

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3 Responses to “American Hero Mike Monsoor – U.S.N. SEAL”

  1. MIKE ALLEE Says:

    And obama tried to make him and his fellow soldiers pay for their own health care. We need men like him in every part of our society. Where are the lions that we need in the political scene? If you are able, please join the fight.

  2. Ryan Says:

    MIKEY!!! We worked as QRF and extraction team and body recovery for Mike and his teammates that day. Miss those guys!

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