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Lincoln Logic… We need the 13th Amendment- Part II

July 27, 2009

Lincoln LogicEnough with the politics of division, penalizing hard work and initiative, and creating massive long term debt sold to us as “Stimulus”.  Lincoln freed the slaves, and the current administration is putting us back in shackles… Anyone for a Tea Party? or the 13th Amendment Part II to ensure our liberty.

Jackie Mason Explains PDS

July 17, 2009

Is Palin Derangement Syndrome covered under the new Obama-nation Socialized Medical Plan?


July 14, 2009

ABCNEWS Removed this from YouTube… CNN Left it, Ironic

I think it got tired of living a lie…

Napoleon “Kid Dynomite”

July 9, 2009


News Busters Piece on “Another Waterloo”… I was inspired, only difference is his hand is in our pockets… (Full story here)BH-Napoleon

Change… Not What BHO Had in Mind

July 9, 2009


When you lick your finger, stick it in the wind and see which way it’s blowing you must remember, winds CHANGE.  Maybe BHO needs an “Approval Czar” or a “Propaganda Czar” (oh, I forgot, MESSNBC, CBS, HuffPo et al) they have a Group Czar thing going on there… 

It’s a lot easier to talk smack when you are a Junior Senator from a machine state like Illinois, a candidate running for the office but when you sit in the chair, it’s a “Whole New World”… You decide to keep evil-doers locked up at Getmo, you find out that there’s more to the job than reading the magical words of TOTUS.  and when you fail, people are paying attention (at least those who are seeking news that is fair & balanced… Hey we need a Fair Czar! (Link to RasmussenReports Story)

What we will All be Driving… Thanks ALGORE

July 7, 2009

A little movie about some new models that may actually make Smart Cars worth driving…

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

July 3, 2009

On this Independence Day, let us remember our Dependence on God and the importance that our founders placed in freedom of worship for this country.