General Motors New Mr. GoodWrench


So, we are now 60% owners in the “New GM”. (I heard that Former President Clinton and some other private investors just bought Hummer, but that has not been conformed.)

It was said 50 years ago, by then-General Motors President Charles Wilson reportedly said “What’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” Back in the day, that probably was correct. But what is going on now is far from that.  I would argue it is bad for both America and General Motors in that we have overstepped the role of government (my high school U.S. History class definition was the following: “Government exists to provide for its citizens the services that they can not provide for themselves such as Security from foreign enemies, and the rule of law…”) nowhere do I recall taking over major industry and nationalizing private companies.  With the actions previously in the Chrysler bailout, and this latest action with GM, coupled with the TRILLIONS of dollars spent on other bail-outs of industries that were “too big to fail” we are on the road to Government Running Industries and Manufacturing…Seems that we called that Socialism back in High School…Now it’s called “Hope & Change” or is it “Hope & Change My Oil”?

I liked the way it use to be, when we could drive cars that we decided to buy because we liked the way they looked, not because the Government said we needed them, I could Barbecue out side without a moonbat lecturing me about my carbon footprint and the damage I was doing to the Polar Bears…I want my country back….

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