Best Dog Joke Ever…



Jim was driving down the street and saw a sign in front of a house, “Talking Dog For Sale -$10”.

He went up knocked on the door, and asked the man if it is true that he has a talking dog for sale for $10.
The dogs owner said “He is around back, in his doghouse, go see for yourself.”

So, he went out back, saw the doghouse and a dog sitting inside.  He asked the dog “Excuse, me but can you speak?”
And to his amazement, the dog replied, “Why yes I can”

The man was amazed, He asked the dog about his life and how all this came to be?
The Dog told him: “Well, you see, when it was determined that I indeed could speak and understand human language, the Government took me and placed me in service for the country. I was used by the State Department and placed overseas in a variety of Embassy’s, I was able to foil many plots to harm the Country and capture spies and other evildoers because people never questioned saying things in the presence of a dog, so I was a valuable Government Agent and served the country for 10 years, but that is the equivalent of 70 human years, so i was faced with mandatory federal retirement. Ia was returned to my owner and have been living out my retirement years here in the backyard.”

Jim was blown away, and walked back to the front of the house and knocked on the front door again. The owner answered again and Jim asked him, “I just went back and talked to your dog, Are you seriously going to sell him for $10. I just listened to his story, all the things he did overseas for the Government, capturing Spies and foiling plots against our country, Hoe can you sell him for only $10?

The owner looked at him and said, “You bet I am gonna sell him, Hell, That Dog’s a liar, he didn’t do any of the stuff.”


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