Et Tu 24?

Et Tu 24?

Et Tu 24?

For 6 Years, 23 hours and 45 minutes, we have lived the struggle and gut-wrenching decisions that Jack Bauer has dealt with in making things right.  Impossible situations, unthinkable choices, moral conflicts but you always knew that Jack never lost the primary objective, his sense of what was right.

This whole season with the “AlGorification” of the show, with Jeanne Garofalo, whose hourly presence was a slap in the face to conservatives and the audience base that has made the show a success. We hoped it would be worth it and in the end, all would be made right…

Sure, Tony was over the top in his “revenge is a dish best served cold” obsession with Wilson for the death of Michelle (and his unborn son), I get that, but don’t let him then throw Jack under that bus (the one with 15 people on it) and devalue all that Jack has done and gone through, in serving the greater good.   But they jumped the shark when they had Jack seek Self-Absolution from his new Imam friend.  When you consider that the majority of the shows base would have a huge problem with the concept of forgiveness being simply a conversation with oneself , rather than from God through His Son, they insulted a lot of us.

The Imam was a nice enough guy. Jack and he had respect for their individual life choices, but absolution for oneself by oneself, that will not fly with the Red State Conservative, dare I say the conservative Christian base, that supported the show and how they resolved the moral conflicts  that Jack faced throughout the day.   I feel like I have been gut shot by the shows creators, and the most appropriate  thing I can say is….Damn it!

I welcome your thoughts, I know its a show, but 24 is what the industry refers to as “Appointment Television” as in people make a point of viewing / TiVoing the show, and those who made a point to commit to watching the show I believe, will be disappointed…Damn it! (that’s two, if you’re counting, have another drink).

I don’t know if I want to see season 8, everyone will probably driving a Prius, with “Obama 2012” and “Stop Global Warming” bumper stickers on them… Damn it! (that’s three, I better quit now)

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