The Barack Obama Show…Variety says it’s “Boffo” or is it ROFLMAO


Here is what the Hollywood Crowd thinks of the BHO SHOW…

I was going to leave it to the policy wonks to argue about Obama’s 100 Days, but then I reconsidered. Act one of the Obama Era, I believe, should also be judged in terms of sheer showmanship, and by that criterion it’s been, to use a Variety word, downright boffo.

Barack Obama’s persona could easily have been buried amid economic upheaval. The unprecedented blizzard of policy initiatives could have canceled each other out and diluted the Obama message.

But somehow this hasn’t happened. What has emerged from the 100 days is not confusion, but rather a clear presidential presence — one of focus and intelligence — buttressed by some shrewd media manipulation and fierce online initiatives. (Full Story, If you can Stomach it)

I vote for ROFLMAO, but that’s just me (and maybe 50% of the Country)

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