She’s All Class, “THIRD CLASS” that is

Ugly words

10 Pounds...

Pelosi said one of her favorite moments from Inauguration Day was when Marine One lifted off the Capitol grounds, signifying former President George W. Bush’s exit from Washington. “It felt like a 10-pound anvil was lifted off my head,” she said. (Story)

Way to take the High Road Madam Speaker, Tip O’Neil was a Gentleman. Disagreed but not Disagreeable, you madam are an embarrassment to people with class and it seems fitting that you represent those whom worship at the feet (and thrilled legs) of “Reporters” like Olbermann & Matthews and the rest of the MSM.

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2 Responses to “She’s All Class, “THIRD CLASS” that is”

  1. shirtsbyeric Says:

    Was the anvil holding back all the wrinkles?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Wow, I just found this page. This is great. I also am a conservitive in Looney Mass.

    Pelosi is Barney Frank in drag. And the tens pounds lifted off her head was the botax leaking out of her face.

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