2008: The Bailout Year

Please help those less fortunate than us. Those who once had and now have not, They once flew on Gulfstream G4’s and now, if they can even scrape some money together have to fly…coach.  Stop the madness, you must help, this must not occur on our watch…

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One Response to “2008: The Bailout Year”

  1. Winter Says:

    I really don’t think people quite get how terrible this situation is. I love what Kevin Price has written about this at http://www.BizPlusBlog.com on the bailout. He noted that “in the United States we have a safety net for the poor, we bailout the super rich, and we obliterate the engine that creates more than 80 percent of the jobs in the country through excessive taxation, regulation, and licensure law.” Unfortunately, I don’t live in an area that gets his show on the radio, but I listen to it often on my IPOD at AOL Radio. He is one of the best on business issues.

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