Change…Good News for the Guy Who Prints Business Cards

Depends on What the Definition of Change is...
Depends on What the Definition of Change is…

We were promised Change… Here it is:

Rahm– Your Title changes from Member of Congress to Chief of Staff
Hillary– Your title is changed from Senator to Secretary of State (Keep an eye on Bill Please)
Tom Daschle– Your title will be changed from “Disgraced former Senate Majority Leader” to Secretary of Health & Human Services.
Eric Holder– You will change to Attorney General from “Former Toady for Janet Reno”
Janet Napolitano- Change your title from “Governor of Arizona” to Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, because you have done such a good job keeping invaders from Mexico out of Arizona.
John Kerry– No Change for you, You’re just a tool and your wife is a loose cannon, sorry. But thanks for the endorsement, I couldn’t have won Massachusetts without you. No, That’s a lie, I had it in the bag, I just wanted to jerk you around as payback for doing such a poor job in 2004. Oh, you can have VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN’S old title if that will make you feel better, Peace Out!


CHANGE: Yes We Can (Change Titles that is) or Change left in our pockets

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