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TARP or Big Top Tent?

November 16, 2008
The Greatest Snow On Earth

The Greatest Snow On Earth

Where do I apply for my bailout? Seriously, I am not a bank with “Troubled Assets” but neither is GM.  Let’s not forget we also now have Insurance companies buying at fire sale prices, troubled bank holding companies so they can get a chance to grab the brass ring, or in this case, the golden ring and tap the TARP funds for a few Billion.  You just want to Scream! we have gone from a TARP to a Big Top Tent with all the typical circus sideshow players.  It is more like the Greatest Snow on Earth!

Goldman Sachs Execs- Kudos!

November 16, 2008

heapocashGoldman CEO, 6 others forgo 2008 bonuses (LINK)
Sunday November 16, 8:18 pm ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GSNews) said on Sunday its Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein and six other top officials will not get bonuses for 2008.

I wonder if the AIG executives will follow GS’s example, maybe they will get to it when they get back from their next Spa Treatment on our dime…

World Risk Map… Been There, Done That

November 16, 2008
Germany to advocate ‘World risk map’
By Chris Bryant in Berlin (LINK)
Published: November 14 2008

German chancellor Angela Merkel is set to push international leaders to draw up a “world risk map” of global financial institutions to allow financial authorities to quickly identify future trouble spots.

Unveiling the findings of a government-commissioned expert panel on Friday Mrs Merkel also proposed the creation a central body to oversee credit ratings agencies, an international register of major loans and the better alignment of managers’ pay to discourage short-term risk taking.

…I thought that was already done?

And you would think someone from Germany would remember that whole "World Domination" thing...

And you would think someone from Germany would remember that whole Global Domination Thing...