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Words Have Meaning…

November 13, 2008

Ready To Rule...

Ready To Rule day 1...



Serve: to perform the duties of (an office or post)
Lead: to direct on a course or in a direction
Govern: to control and direct the making and administration of policy

Rule: to exercise supreme authority, to be first in importance or prominence

Barney “Maestro” Frank…

November 13, 2008

Leave it to Nancy Pelosi to try and put a shine on the old sneaker that is the Commonwealth’s Barney Frank. She made these incredible comments the day before the election:

The Maestro Himself“Under the leadership of our chairman, Barney Frank, as I called him on the floor, a maestro, we were able to make improvements, working in a bipartisan way, making improvements in the legislation, and then make more improvements in the legislation before it came back to the floor today.
“The eye now is to the future. To shine the bright light of accountability on what is happening in our financial markets so that it doesn’t happen again. That accountability will tell us how we got to this place and ferret out the abuses. That accountability will honor our trust to the American people.

“Mr. Frank will be holding hearings on where we go from here, because we are about the future. (MarketWatch Link)

Miller Time…Schadenfreude

November 13, 2008

Dennis Miller, Ya Gotta love him! Enjoy

Bill O’Reilly On ‘The Kalb Report’…SMACK DOWN

November 13, 2008
Vodpod videos no longer available.

BOR just Hoisted him on his own petard… The silence seemed to be eternal on the part of Marvin as he realized that he just threw Bill a Grenade and Bill Pulled the Pin and handed it back to him…. KALB-BOOM! Watch & enjoy.