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Massachusetts Question 2 Passing Offers Us a New Business Opportunity

November 6, 2008
With the passing of Question 2 in the Commonwealth I have a business Idea for using all our Interstate Weigh Stations

With the passing of Question 2 in the Commonwealth I have a business Idea for using all our Interstate Weigh Stations

Bay State voters opted last night to weed out the recreational reefer users from drug-pushing punks, as they voted for ballot Question 2 to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. (Boston Herald)

The Election has come to pass, (as a frequent reader of this blog you know doubt are aware that I am not doing the “Happy Dance” about the results, but we must press on). So what better than some healthy parody at the expense of the majority of the voters of Massachusetts…

So, Question 2 passed (For the full text of the Ballot Question Click here) but the basic question was making possession of 1 oz. or less of Marijuana a civil, not criminal penalty.  Now, my disclaimer, I DO NOT USE OR CONDONE THE USE OF DRUGS.  JUST SAY NO, DON’T DO DRUGS… However, I do do PARODY.

Since people who chose to smoke a little weed must now be concerned more than ever with weights & measures, I propose a business opportunity. It is a win-win scenario for all parties. The main points are as follows:

1. REPURPOSING AN UNDER UTILIZED STATE ASSET- As you drive by those Truck Weigh Stations along the highway have you noticed like me THEY ARE NEVER OPEN!  Well, I have an idea on how to maximize there use and in turn, generate some revenue for the cash strapped Commonwealth.
Convert the weigh stations to a Private Sector, For Profit, Pot Weighing Station.  This way potheads who are concerned that they may be riding “heavy” can pull in, put their stash on the scale and make sure they are below the 1 oz. limit, thus ensuring that they can fire one up and know that in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts they are free from criminal prosecution. They can continue to smoke away and even though they are most likely doing permanent brain damage to themselves, they will still be able to get Student Loans, State Jobs, and all the other benefits of people who actually don’t break the law.

2. DEVELOPMNENT OF ADJACENT LAND- As most people know, Pot Smokers get the “Munchies”. we would open a convenience store selling nothing but Chips, Cookies, Tacos and other pot-friendly food products to satisfy the needs of this vertical (soon to be horizontal) consumer.  This would provide both Sales & Property tax revenue to the Commonwealth.

3. PERSERVE OUR STATE IDENTITY- We would further ensure Massachusetts position as the State that typical Americans continually comment “Did you hear what they just passed in Massachusetts?” That’s something to be proud of…

So, let’s take this next step. Remember it’s about CHANGE and a “Yes We Can” attitude, won’t you join me in this exciting opportunity?