Pay Attention to the small man when you are behind the curtain!

Pay Attention to the small Man

Pay Attention to the small Man

What number is it? $250,000  $200,000  $150,000  $120,000  – The Wizard of Oz-Bama can’t keep his munchkins (Biden, Richardson et al) on the same page as far as just what “Rich” is.  Soon we will have the “Rich” defined simply as those not getting a handout from the New Socialist Government of the great and powerful “Oz-Bama”…

Tuesday is one of the most important elections our county’s faced in our 232 year history. Don’t let the liberals tell you it’s a race thing and not supporting Oz-Bama makes you a racist.  He is a radical social democrat.  He spent his post graduate and early political years with American Terrorists like William Ayers of the Weather Underground. I wonder how Ted Kennedy feels knowing that the candidate that he endorsed was pals with the same William Ayres who named on the dedication page of his book Prairie Fire, Sirhan Sirhan, the man who murdered his brother Sen. Robert Kennedy.

He spent 20 years in a church where his chosen Pastor spewed hate speech and venom.  If Oz-Bama’s 30 second commercials can influence people’s behavior imagine what 20 years of hateful “commercials” from Rev. Wright can do to a person. And when Oz-Bama tells us that “he never heard any of that from the Reverend”. You have to wonder just what Oz-Bama was listening to?

He views one of the formative documents of our country, The Constitution, as  “Deeply Flawed” and thinks that “Spreading the Wealth” should be mandated by the courts.  An now he tries to make those of us that object to our money being confiscated by the government and “Spread” to others to be “Selfishness“.

Keep America, America.  Our country’s history consists of revolution and freedom from England in 1776 and fighting for it again in 1812.  1846 we fought Mexico and then in 1861 we began a brutal Civil War. In 1898 we fought that Spanish. In 1917 we entered WWI to fight the Germans, Italians & Austria-Hungary. In 1941 we were attacked by the Japanese and entered WWII and brought liberty to Europe and defeated Japan.  Then came Korea & Vietnam in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s.  1990 was Gulf War I and we liberated the people of Kuwait from Iraq’s invasion but stopped because of our commitment to the limits set by the UN.  September 11th, 2001 Changed our Country forever (we thought) and we went into Afghanistan and ultimately Iraq in 2003 where we liberated millions of people and captured Saddam Hussein and witnessed his execution for the crimes he committed against the people of Iraq.

And Tuesday your vote will do one of two things… Honor those who fought and died for our country and the principles and values that have marked our 232 years as a democracy, or Vote to change our country forever should Oz-Bama’s socialist ways be approved by the one party rule of a Pelosi-Ried-Obama government. PLEASE…Pay Attention to that small man (Oz-Bama) when you go behind the curtain.


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