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A Little Protest is Good Once in a While…

October 16, 2008
Mail A Single Acorn to Nancy & Harry

Mail A Single Acorn to Nancy & Harry

Here’s my idea: I’m a little fed up with the attempted hi-jacking of our election process by “Community Activists” like ACORN.  We need to register our disappointment with Congress and both Democrat Party Controlled chambers lack of interest in looking into the fraud that this group is perpetrating on a national scale.

Here’s my Idea:Mail it.

Let’s mail an Acorn to Nancy Pelosi & Dingy Harry Reid as a sign of our frustration with their blind eye towards this matter. 

Nancy Pelosi’s Address:
Office of the Speaker
H-232, US Capitol
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-0100

Harry Reid’s Address:
Senate Majority Leader
528 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-3542

I’m confident that you can find an acorn on the ground that you can put in an envelope, and mail to Nancy & Harry.  Remember: “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” It Starts with You!

Barack-n Hood

October 16, 2008
Barack-n Hood... Spreading the Wealth

Barack-n Hood... Spreading the Wealth

Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio man looking to buy a plumbing business who came to symbolize the notion of “spreading the wealth” in tonight’s final Presidential Debate. Earlier this week, Barack-n Hood spoke from his heart and told Joe what he would do if elected. Maybe he believes that it’s all over except for the miscounting of the ACORN Votes, and he can be himself, and tell us what his real plans are… Re-distribution of wealth/income from those that work to those that whine.

Wouldn’t it be great if a democrat ended up loosing the Presidency because of a Plumber for once. (That’s a WaterGate reference for those of you too young to remember the 70’s)