Sleep With One Eye Open “President Obama”

What's On His Mind?

What's On You Mind Joe?

When Joe Biden opens his mouth, it’s a free for all.  The guy who gave us “Clean & Articulate” has given himself a Field Promotion and is already re-defining the role of the Vice President…

Joe Biden is enjoying himself so much on the campaign trail that occasionally he gets to thinking he’s about to become president. “In a Biden…an Obama-Biden administration,” he said during an event at an American Legion hall here in Rochester, New Hampshire this morning, catching himself just in time.

“We know, we know,” he responded jovially as the crowd realised what he’d said. “It’s hard to get used to. We got his thing the right way.” He pointed at a group of men who were barracking him good-naturedly. “These are my old buddies over here from the shipyard.”

Last month at an event in Fort Myers, Florida, he referred to the “Biden administration” before correcting the phrase and adding as he laughed and crossed himself: “Believe me, that wasn’t a Freudian slip. Oh Lordy day, I tell ya.” (Telegraph London)


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One Response to “Sleep With One Eye Open “President Obama””

  1. Bob D. Caterino Says:

    Loose lips sink Obama Presidencies. Obama is using that old school rule, “Want to look better, smarter, prettier, and more saintly, hang with some ugly dumb people and criminals.”

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