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Alan Colmes: Talking Points – What’s the Point?

October 3, 2008

There was something in the water at FNC last night. First we had Bill O beat Barney Frank like a rented mule over his corrupt handling of the Fannie & Freddie mess. Then Alan Colmes decided that completing his required reading from “The Great and Powerful BHO” was more important than responding to the items raised by his guest, Mr. Morris. It didn’t go to well for Alan… watch and see.

Frankly My Barney I Don’t Give a Damn!

October 3, 2008

Bill O’Reilly took it to one of Massachusetts’ “finest” Congressional members.  How dare he use Barney’s words against him. That’s not fair! What did Barney think was going to happen? Within the past week O’Reilly called him a “Fat Toad” and blamed him for the Fannie & Freddie problems under his oversight calling for his resignation from his chairmanship.  So, with that as a backdrop, I give you six minutes of quality time with Bill O’Reilly finally calling Barney out (as it were) for his actions in this matter, enjoy.

Link to Text of segment on The factor (NewsBusters)

Sarah Smiles

October 3, 2008
She made history Biden is History (Michelle Malkin)

She made History Biden is History (Michelle Malkin)

When you remove editors and news anchors with superior attitudes, guess what you get? A real person that can speak to her experience, defend her beliefs along with John McCain’s positions, and is comfortable in her own skin. She played Pin the Spin on the Donkey by forcing Joe to admit that he and BHO do not support Gay Marriage, and that may come as a surprise to some of their “Progressive” supporters.  She is the type of CHANGE we need, a real person to represent us and the U.S.  On the Other hand…

"Spends a Lot of Time at Home Depot?”

Home Depot Joe was tired looking and wanted us to just think he was a regular guy. Forget all the gaffs and mistakes he makes (the main stream media does), and just blame everything on George Bush and by default, the guy he says he “loves”, John McCain.  I hope Barack gave him his 30 pieces of silver for his work tonight.