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Snow is Hell…

September 23, 2008

The Team Obama members who drew the short straw and were assigned to the Joe Biden Magical Misery Tour have some spinning to do today. It seems that the same guy who gave us such an apt description of BHO back in February of 2007 “Articulate and Bright and Clean” (CNN) and earlier this month Re-Defined Patriotism as Paying More Taxes (FoxNews), this time has taken a page from the Hillary Clinton 30 seconds over Bosnia war chronicles. (ScottOnCapeCod).

When we last left our “hero”, it was February, 2008. He was 10,500 feet in the mountains of Afghanistan having had his helicopter “Forced Down”. There was a real hero ( A 3 Star General), a RINO (Chuck Hagel, R-Neb) and the looking for his 4th Purple Heart because the landing was a bit rough, John F. Kerry.

The 3 Senators, according to Joe, were on the “superhighway of terror that exists between Afghanistan and Pakistan.” What Joe failed to mention, when he was recalling his Behind Enemy Lines experience, was the reason that  “my helicopter was forced down”… SNOW.  Not enemy gun fire, not evasive action due to a near miss from an RPG, he was on the deck because the well trained, military pilot determined that being on the ground was safer for his aircraft, crew and the 3 Star in the back then continuing to fly in a Snow Storm.  The pilot made the right call, Biden was just along for the ride.