A Shot From The Left Side…

Jill Greenberg shot this cover photo of Sen. McCain for the magazine. It’s not he soft focus happy, smiley way that they photograph BHO. And this is the best one for McCain. She posted on her personal website some “Photoshopped” images that honestly, I won’t even put here on my blog.

Shame on Atlantic Monthly for not vetting this photo assassin. Don’t they have Google at their office? This woman is best known for her series on Crying Children, not children that are crying on their own, she made them cry and then used the images to make her statement against “4 more years” of George Bush for her photo “project”.

And why is the Atlantic Monthly using a Beverly Hills CA, photographic “artist” maybe they should change their name to align more with the left coast… just a thought.

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One Response to “A Shot From The Left Side…”

  1. Joe Says:

    I like the picture. It shows that he has character and is not a plastic candidate.
    Obama has made some real bad moves. His comment about “lipstick on a pig” and making fun of McCain because he cannot type (due to wounds in the war) aren’t mean, they just show his inexperience.


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