Positive Change – In My Mind

I must admit, I was not a John McCain supporter in the beginning of this election season.  I was hoping I would see the fire in the belly that Fred Thompson had on Tuesday night once he finally entered the race, I wanted the business acumen that Mitt Romney possessed, I wanted the strong Christian values that Mike Huckabee brought to the mix, heck, I wanted the tough on crime attitude of Rudy Giuliani.  I wasn’t paying attention to that “white-haired dude” John McCain.  While I can’t say that don’t have a few disagreements with some of the positions that he as supported, I am humbled when I hear his story and realize the enormous price he has paid personally in the service of our country.

I have never had to do anything in my life that has required the level of sacrifice that John McCain has endured in the service of our country, and neither has the other party’s candidate.  John McCain should not be our President simply because he is a war hero.  And because BHO is not a hero, that should not disqualify him for the office.  But John McCain has a life time of service tempered by a life changing experience that has uniquely prepared him for leadership in this hour.

McCain – Palin ’08  Change is Coming!

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