Operation Chaos… SP’s are loosing it!


I like the old logo from Get Smart better than Rush’s but I’m sure there are some copywrite issues that he would have to worry about.

The Democrat party looks like a scene from the the book/movie ALIVE. They are chewing each other apart and we Conservatives are just watching and waiting.  The main course will be served in Colorado in late August at the DNC Convention (If there is anything left on the bones, otherwise it’s time to make soup.)

Bill Clinton is called a McCarthy-ite, Bill Richardson is labeled a “Judas” by James Carville, Liberal Feminists are upset that Hillary as a nutcracker figure is OK for some but they want to know why it’s so wrong for Obama be portrayed as a Stepin Fetchit action figure?  Kennedy & Kerry are abandoning the will of Massachusetts Democrats and drinking the Obama Super Delegate Kool-Aid, and Hillary has to make up stories to punch-up the FACTS that came to light when her calendar of events as the wife of the President of the United States was released this past week.  CHOMP. CHOMP, CHOMP.

Pass fava beans and a nice Chianti.

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