Working Hard, Or hardly Working?

August 12, 2013

Working Hard, Or hardly Working?

The President High Stepping While Rome Burns…

Jon Stewart Calls It RE: The VA

April 2, 2013

Obama VA

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TSA To Favor Saudi Travelers…

March 21, 2013

TSA To Favor Saudi Travelers...

My Thoughts…

Chatham First Night Early Fireworks

January 2, 2013

Celebrities hypocritical criticism of gun control

January 2, 2013

Watch, Learn and Weep…

November 26, 2012

Judge Judy For President!

Happy Thanksgiving

November 22, 2012


Watch “IDF Pinpoint Strike on Hamas Operational Communications Infrastructure” on YouTube

November 18, 2012

Hamas Cable Company Answering Machine Message: “You maybe experiencing some local outages with your cable services, we are aware of the problems and are making every effort to repair the problem.”

They could have at least buried him in is wrapper…

November 17, 2012


Twilight for Twinkies

November 16, 2012


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